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Tastic Rice


  • Guarenteed to always cook seperate, fluffy and white
  • 1 Kilogram Package
  • About 10 Servings Per Package
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Tastic Parboiled Rice is specially selected from the world’s best quality rice: long grain, unbroken, clean and white. Before milling takes place, the rice undergoes a unique and patented process of parboiling, which transfers vitamins and minerals found naturally in the outer bran layer to the actual rice kernel.

Enriched Tastic Parboiled Rice has more than double the amount of vitamins as compared to other parboiled rice. Its versatility makes it ideal for a large variety of both savoury and sweet dishes. Tastic is guaranteed to always cook up separate, fluffy and white, giving you fantastic meals that are perfect. Every time.

Additional information

Weight2.26 lbs
Dimensions8.5 × 6.5 × 1.5 in

Long Grain Parboiled Rice

Country of Origin:

South Africa

About Tastic:

Tastic Parboiled Rice is the ultimate versatile comfort food. We all love a hot steaming bowl of rice accompanying our favourite chicken casserole or mom's homemade curry. Thats why we at Tastic are very passionate about rice.

Our promise that Tastic Rice cooks perfectly every time is a promise that we have stood by with pride ever since our parboiled rice was introduced to South Africa and to your dinner table in 1961. We love being an integral part of the delicious meals you serve your family.

Mothers all over South Africa know that not only is Tastic rice highly versatile, convenient and economical, but it also makes for a healthy and nutritious meal that the whole family enjoys. With the success story of Tastic parboiled rice, we have kept up with modern trends bringing innovative and up-to-date products to your dinner table on a regular basis.


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