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Five Roses Smooth Ceylon Blend


  • South African Tea
  • 250g Box
  • 102 Tagless Tea Bags
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Five Roses Tea is smooth, fragrant and beautifully balanced. Superior Ceylon Blend is created using only the finest teas from Sri Lanka and Africa; bringing you the world famous distinctive aroma and taste of Ceylon Tea.

In the rolling highlands of Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea fields bask in gentle sunshine tempered by monsoon rains. Once the delicate leaves reach maturity, they are tenderly picked and artfully blended to produce the deep golden colour and sought-after flavour that has made Ceylon tea world famous.

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Weight 0.69 lbs
Dimensions 5.7 × 3 × 5.5 in

Camillia Sinensis (Tea Plant)

Country of Origin:

South Africa

About Five Roses:

For over 100 years, Five Roses has been artfully blended from a unique recipe, providing our tea with a distinctive touch of quality, which is why we are South Africa’s top-selling tea.
Only the best Ceylon tea leaves, hand-picked from the lush highlands of Sri Lanka, are carefully blended with the highest quality teas from other select estates to bring tea-lovers the distinctive and exceptional Five Roses taste they have come to love and trust. We are constantly involved in innovating quality new teas and blends to give you the choice and refreshment you expect from your favourite tea brand.

With quality and taste at the heart of this iconic brand, it is reassuring to know that every box has been signed off by our expert Sri Lankan Tea Master, Dinesh Wijeyawardana; only the sixth ever Tea Master entrusted with the unique Five Roses recipe, and who ensures there is unsurpassed flavour, strength and aroma in every cup.

Five Roses has the widest range of tea products in South Africa, offering black teabags, black loose leaf, rooibos and specialty teas and the range continues to grow. Ciro distributes an extensive range of teas that suit the service industry, from the larger pack sizes to individually-wrapped tea bags. The newly-launched Infusions range takes avid tea appreciators on a flavourful tea journey with its taste-bud-stimulating flavours.


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