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Ceres Papaya Fruit Juice


  • Papaya & Other Fruit Juices
  • 1 Liter Box
  • About 4 Servings Per Container
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Born from the Ceres Valley, Papaya Fruit Juice captures nature into a bottle. A delightful and 100% natural juice, you are sure to love this delicious juice blend. Free of added sugar, perservatives, and artificial color, Papaya Fruit Juice is waiting for you to discover it.

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Weight2.43 lbs
Dimensions2.3 × 3.6 × 7.7 in

Pear Juice, Papaya Juice

Country of Origin:

South Africa

About Ceres:

Tucked away in a crescent of mountains at the Southern tip of Africa, lies a beautiful fertile valley called Ceres. Named after the Roman Goddess of Fruitfulness, and blessed with abundant sunshine and fertile soil, it it home to some of the worlds most succulent fruit. Sun-ripened to perfection, the fruit from this valley is full of Natures best offerings. Now this is available in 100% fruit juice called Ceres, winner of multiple international taste and quality awards. To add variety to our rance, we also carefully select top quality exotic fruits grown further afield. As pure as nature intended, Ceres 100% fruit juice is the perfect drink for the whole family. Ceres – Natures Pefect Juice.


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